A Hitchhiker's Guide to Virtual Reality

by Karen McMenemy and Stuart Ferguson


DirectShow in Visual Studio 2003 and Visual Studio 2003  and Direct X (Aug 2006).  
With the introduction of the Direct X(Aug 2006 SDK) the DirectShow libraries and headers has been moved to the Platform SDK.  In order to use our example DirectShow programs with these versions of the C++ compiler and with the Direct X 2006 SDK - or later) you will need to use compatible libraries.  The DirectShow programs require a library called "STRMBASE.LIB". The source for this library is provided in the
[Microsoft Platform SDK for Windows Server 2003 R2 (Aug 2006)] SDK - but NOT the library itself. You will need to build this library. And importantly you must build this library with the version of the compiler  VS2003 or VS2005   that you will use to build the applications.  We have created project files to do his for both Visual Studio 2003 and Visual Studio 2005.  You can download the library build files from here...

The ZIP archives contain a folder structure that places all our programs in a folder called C:\programs all our other project files assume that these DirectShow libraries are in this location. If you build the library "STRMBASE.LIB" in a different location you will have to adjust the project properties in the Visual Studio development environment to include a path to this location on the "linker" tab. 


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