A Hitchhiker's Guide to Virtual Reality

by Karen McMenemy and Stuart Ferguson

The website for the book

This is the Web site for the book A Hitchhiker's Guide to Virtual Reality by Karen McMenemy and Stuart Ferguson, published by A.K. Peters,  

The seeds of the ideas that have become this book were sown on the breakfast terrace of a hotel in Beverly Hills during Siggraph 2005. Whilst preparing for another interesting day at the conference, we faced the immediate task of how to journey downtown, no mean task in LA. So as we turned to
a small guidebook for advice the thought struck us that it would be really useful if we had a similar informative and practical guide to virtual reality (VR).

At that time we were preparing to build the next phase of our own VR research lab and to be able to do that, it isn't enough just to know about the background theory and technology that might be useful. We needed practical solutions -- hardware and software solutions. Not finding anything, suitable we decided to compile our own -- a guide that would bring together under one cover all the aspects of graphics, video, audio and haptics that have to work together to make virtual reality a reality.

This site contains a list of errata copies of the accompanying source code for the programs and details about the book.

The Book

The book was first published in the fall of 2007 by  A. K. Peters Ltd

ISBN: 978-1-56881-303-5,   paperback; 604  pages

A.K. Peters is now part of CRC Press Taylor and Francis Group