Practical Algorithms for

3D Computer Graphics

Second Edition

by Stuart Ferguson

Web references

This section contians links to web sites with relevant material to the topics diiscussed in the book:

Chapter 1 Introduction

  • The references in the text provide an excellent compendium of additional reading.

Chapter 2 Mathematics for 3D Graphics

  • The excellent book by Lengyel offers a very open and completely comprehensive explanation of the maths for 3D graphics.

Chapter 3  Datastructures for 3D Graphics

  • No references.

Chapter 4 Basic Visualization

  • No references - see references in the text..

Chapter 5 Realistic Visualization

Chapter 6 Animation

  • .. TBC
    A line of information

Chapter 7 Real-Time 3D: OpenGL

Chapter 8 Mobile 3D: OpenGLES

  • IOS development
    Link to the apple web site
  • Android development
    Lin to the Android developer information
  • Eclipse
    The Eclipse developer platform

Chapter 9 The Complete Package: OpenFX

  • Get everything from the web site

Chapter 10 Modeling with Polygonated Datasets

  • In addition to the raw code for all the algorithms that can be obtained here; OpenFX has source implementations in the context of a rich set of data structures.
  • The book by O'Rourke is an excellent source of algorithms for many key modelling algorithms. Code for the algorithms is available from the author's web-site.

Chapter 11  Algorithms for procedural textures

  • .. Implementations of all the procedural textures for both a software rendering engine and an OpenGL shader based engine may be obtained from the OpenFX web site.


  • The GL utility Toolkit GLUT..
    The Original OpenGL add on.
  • GLUI...
    A user intterface component library for OpenGL based programs that builds on the GLUT or Freeglut.
    An uptodate version of the GLUT that is also available for Anroid mobile platforms.
  • GLFW
    An equally useful encapsulating library to that of the FreeGLUT.
  • GLEW
    Adds al OpenGL extension functions in an easy to access format.
  • HaptiMap..
    The haptimap toolkit allows for 3D graphics on mobile platforms specifically for mapping applications.

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